First and foremost, thanks for visiting! So a little about me… well to some I am considered a hero, a dad, a husband, and depending on which child is currently in time out, a villain. I have two wonderful kids, Skyler at age 4 and Ryleigh at age 8. My wife Melissa and I have been together for 9 years strong now and currently live here in central Illinois where I grew up.


                So why photography? Well, capturing a piece of history is what it’s all about. Making a memory that one can cherish forever is priceless. With every snap from the camera is a moment frozen in time. That is what’s so inspiring about photography, you know that feeling you get after cleaning out your attic and come across that box of old photos? I love to be a part of that, to make that happen! Life is blank canvas and I love to decorate or design the events as they happen. In today’s world we are capable of turning any visual idea into a reality and for me that is half the fun, to be challenged by an idea and to take off with it with endless possibilities!